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Say NO to bottled water and save our landfils from millions of plastic bottles.

Join the Water 4 Life program and enjoy your water at it’s very best

Ever forgotten when you last replaced the filter, lost the contact details to purchase new ones? Well the Water4 Life programme is for you.

Here's how it works

On joining up, you will let us know when you would like to be reminded that you need filter replacements (between 6 and 9 months for optimum water quality).

Alternatively, we can automatically send the replacement filters to you at the nominated time. And you get rewarded for joining the programme.

Instead of you having to keep track of when your filters are due for replacement, and paying the regular price of £37 (countertop cartridge set), or £24.50 (shower filter cartridge), plus a £4.50 shipping charge, you pay only £34.50 for the countertop filter set and £22.50 for the Shower Filter Cartridge and get FREE shipping!

When you choose the periodic pay option, you are simply invoiced 6-9 months after your initial purchase of your water filter and then every 6-9 months thereafter. You save money and eliminate the inconvenience of re-ordering and remembering, we do it for you!

With this periodic payment plan you simply receive a receipt of payment with each replacement cartridge shipment.


This means that Vitality 4 Life will maintain your water filter for life. If anything ever goes wrong with your Aquasana water filter, we will replace any part for a freight and handling charge of £7.50. You will never need to purchase a new Aquasana water filter as we promise to maintain yours for life.

You will also receive FREE product upgrades to keep your Aquasana filter system in new condition. You will receive standard upgrade parts such as new o-rings, washers and any updated parts whenever you need them.

Water 4 Life benefits

You get convenience, cost savings, free upgrades and the best customer support any company could offer. Our Water 4 Life members are the core of our business, we do everything possible to keep them happy.

The Water 4 Life enrolment form is included with each Aquasana product, or simply fill out the form below.

Please select which product you have purchased:

Who did you purchase your product from?

Water 4 Life

  • The Water 4 Life program is a very unique and important feature of Aquasana Water Systems. Like any filter, water filter cartridges must be replaced at the appropriate time in order to get the desired results. The Water 4 Life program is designed to not only remind you when to replace the filter cartridges, but also to reward you for using this convenient program.

    Yes, I want to enroll in your Water 4 Life program and select the following:

    AQ-4000 Countertop
    Sink cartridge set @ £34.50 every

    AQ-4100 Shower Filter
    Shower cartridge set @ £22.50 every 6 months

    To complete your Water 4 Life registration, you will need to provide us with your Credit Card details. If you don't have time now, do not worry, an email request will be sent to you once you complete this page.

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